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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 28, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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soon as possible. if you want to get on the bridge tonight get on the road now patrol warning drivers they'll begin cutting off access to the bridge up to an hour beforehand at 7:00 that is when offers will start rling traffic breaks onto the bay. traffic diverted off the freeway. in the east bay, the aprechs to the bridge on interstate 80 and 880 will be closed and traffic diverted patrol says they will meet deadlines to clear the bridge of all traffic to allow demolition of the westbound approach to gichblt in other words of advice in just a moment. >> closure going to be well into affect before 8:00 hour if you're one person trying to get across, you're likely going to encounter a closure.0x
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>> officials are also warning everyone to bring patience, gridlock expected from all of the cars hoping to get in just under the wire it could take longer on alternate routes like the san mateo bridge. again, at this hour, 5:00 p.m. it appears that the toll plaza is strikingly unusually light to traffic here so that is again hopefully a good sign people have gotten word to use the bridge early or not at all. >> it may be strikingly light there but it's heavy on approaches to the bridge.'í@au
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once you're on it, things are looking good. this shows you conditions here on the bridge this is into san francisco right now. so heather just mentioned eedz easy, breezy when you can see traffic continuing to move nicely f you're on the streets of san francisco trying to make your way towards bay bridge it's going to take time. >> there is a lot to do to get ready for the big bay bridge transition we want to give you some live looks now we've continued our cell 7 technology video. beautiful new eastern span going to make history. abc 7 news joins us live now. allen? 50 yeah. broken materials here in pleasanton is -- supplying asphalt for the nur bridge. elevateors behind me going to take clouds of rocks and expand mix it to create the asphalt. from here, it's a 37 mile wide
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down what is expected to be a very congested route. hundreds of tons of as fault. >> we want to get as much done before closure as we can. >> between friday, sunday, more than 6,000 truck loads will travel down i 580 during commute hours. >> we get back into night time hours traffic for these will be diverted back to 238 and 880. so only during peak hours will trucks be on 580 route autos roads expected to be congest sod caltrans will be monitoring traffic from command center, they can reroute necessary. >> it's to give people on the ground eyes in the sky to help them do their job. >> but first order of business tonight1p:& is demolition.
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crews making way to a new path to the new east span. >> they need to grind a path and have sat the tunnel. >> they'll by tuesday newy4 barriers expected to be installed and bridge is expected to be open. reporting live in pleasanton abc 7 news. >> so much to do over coming days thank you. abc 7 news traffic reporter is here now with a look at final bay bridge commute. >> that is right. it's packed out there. you can see head lipts there coming up towards 80. you're seeing jam packed
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traffic to the bay bridge a long peninsula it's looking decent. you can see outside we go this, is from hayward towards foster city. traffic heading into eastbound direction will be your headlights. and our acht waze app going to be a tremendous resource you can see single digits there. six miles per hour, eight miles per hour in the city. those are streets that flank the freeway and over towards the bridge sou want to give plenty of time. you can down load abc 7 exclusive waze app. >> thank you. >> public transportation systems will be picking up the
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flak the clo shurk it will be increasing frequency of service during weekend. ac transit will be adding and additional ferries will be crossing the bay as well with special schedules. we encourage to you go to abc 7 we have links to the local transit agencies. >> caltrans bay bridge web site has been overwhelm bid drivers speaking alternatives all day long. we have a link to their site through ours, you can find resources during the shut down. >> and you know thousands of people make their way across the bridge on a daily basis. today was special.
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>> i love views from the bridge and seeing another one goes up. >> yes. probably taking a look more around. this is nice. >> a lot of commuters taking thursday and friday off. others say they're going to be avoiding the new span as well. >> here is another look at the new and old span. from our yerba buena camera. as soon as the bridge closes we'll bring it to you in a live report. be sure to join our morning news tomorrow at 4:00 brenging us latest on the brick construction as well as how it's affecting morning commute. >> there is some progress to report on that large wildfire burning near yosemite. higher humid and a trux of a fire line helping firefighters
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with containment efforts. the rim fire crew grew again overnight to nearly 190,000 acres containment increased to 23%. officials say the reservoir is not in danger. today crews on the ground are getting help from above. national guard launched unmanned drones over the fire zone.
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>> i was thinking my guitars but they're burned to a crisp. >> this is what the fire looked like. several homes fully insolved. 15 homes in all damaged including five left
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uninhabitable by tuesday's frightening fire. >> still very fortunate. >> shirmy's home just step as way, survived mostly unscathed. firefighters rescued her dog. >> i feel sorry for the ones right next door. they have lost everything. strip of grasses between the sound wall is to blame for the rapid spread and believe the city was responsible for maintaining it yes. we've receive that had claim from several noks. we're going provide that answer. we want to provide it one time, not having to back track on it. >> investigators are also trying to determine the cause of the fire. they know it started next to interstate 80 but don't know the source. and could have been something as simple as a spark or discarded cigarette from a passing car.
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>> a convicted serial killer may be responsible for an unsolved murder, what prosecutors say about another possible victim of joseph naso. >> then from michael finney jap needs cars that may in the be living up to their once-strong reputations. consumer reports helps you sort through features
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is. >> countdown is on. we're less than he three hours from complete closure of the bay bridge. sky 7 is live and you can see the new and old eastern spans here. it's set to last five days. >> well from grounds take a look new at our drive right now with our cell 7 technology. traffic is thick there. and we're having very heavy traffic in the streets of san francisco. i team learned prosecutors have evidence tying josive naso to the murder of sharia
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patten. just over a week ago a jury convicted naso of killing four women. prosecutors now hope to use evidence of more possible victims in the sentencing phase of the trial. >> today, tens óv.t thousands converged on the nation's capital to mark the 50th anniversary of the march on washington bells tolled at 3:00 eastern time to commemorate the moment dr. king urged america to let freedom ring. >> everyone who realizes what those glorious patrons knew on that day that change did not .lshington.ashington but to change has been built on our willingness. we the people to take on the
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medal of citizenship. >> president obama did not shy away from challenges still in the way of fulfilling dr. king's dream. and consumer reports partnered with 7 on your side fr a report on those low-scoring japanese cars. >> this is interesting. japanese car makers take all five top spots in the list whof makes the best cars. those winning companies are lexus, subaru and ak curea. but not all japanese cars earn ak yol yaids at consumer reports test track. consumer reports putting cars through over 50 tests and emergency handles. many score high a surprising
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number haven't made the grade recently. >> one car disappointed us was this sedan that cost $55,000 but not competitive. >> for $16,000 less consumer reports says the chevolet impala delivers a comfortable ride, handling better. >> another we don't recommend is honda cross tore being. -- torque. >> some small nissans scored too low for consumer reports rec men indications. >> the sen tra is good on gas but noisy inside. front seats are uncomfortable. >> the subcompact nissan versa has draw backs and hasn't proved reliable also doesn't recommend the ya vismt. >> just feels cheap, you
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unpleasant to drive. >> for the same money around $16,000, consumer reports says your better off with a hyundai accent so. japanese cars often earn scores and often reliable, consumer reports says it's not honda says acura rlx with technology package consumer reports tested was among the most affordable sedans in the set. the rlx scored competitively in breaking performance, emergency handling acceleration, driving position, visibility and seat comfort. as for their 2013 cross tour, the company says we appreciate opinions of the editors 6 consumer reports we feel that the 2013 honda cross tour
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and innovative features and 38 out of the first 42 months offering versatility, style, technology in an aferdable package. and we call toyota but have not yet made contact. two other car makers have an excellent record nearly all models are recommended. >> interesting. thank you. >> sure. >> all right. well, let's take a look outside. weather is -- you know not sure what labor day is going to be like. it's been a warm day. inland spots mid to upper 80s except fairfield made it to 90 degrees. you can see sunshine and breezy. live doppler 7 hd we'll talk about what is changing for your holiday weekend.
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we do have near the coast line. half moon bay, 68 got up to 69 in san francisco. and 86 in napa. 81 san jose. you can see shallow fog layer, san francisco 65 now. check out the fog. it's shallow about a thousand feet from our camera. and that is what you're going to have to deal w low 80s now from santa rosa to napa. hanging on to warmth in fairfield. 87 concord ask livermore. look at the view from our lake tahoe camera. smoky skies continue and this
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is still going remain in the forecast mild to warm days coming up this weekend. as you look at satellite and radar there is a cold front and this front going to remain north of us, showers stay north of the bay area. pacific northwest will see wet weather. for us, little change around the bay for your thursday afternoon. patchy fog lingers near the coast. slight chance of thunderstorms7 breezy winds 25 miles per hour. valleys mid-90s, high country mid-70s in that vicinity. yefr night tonight, temperatures mid-50s low 60s give yourself time for morning commute. we did have dense fog this
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morning. it's possible again near the coast tomorrow. so taking those kidswíe school or heading to work might slow you down. 69 in san francisco. 74 oakland, 83 santa rosa. 79 palo alto. san jose. 81. 88 antioch and fairfield. a look at accu-weather forecast, low 90s inland. mid-60s on the coast. mid-80s inland. mid to upper 70s around the bay. low 60s coastside a pleasant pattern labor day weekend. mild bay and inland. i'm abc 7 news sandhya patel, back to you in the studio. >> thank you. >> well, still ahead steps being taken to make sure labor day weekend festival
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it is a countdown of the closure of the bay bridge. here is a live look at beautiful new eastern span now. bay bridge shuts down for labor day weekend at 8:00 p.m. the new bridge opening within five days hopefully no later than tuesday morning. >> of course this impacts events on both sides of the
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bay. >> yes. >> organizers of the 43 annual art and wine festival taking steps to make sure it doesn't impact attendance. >> it's offering free shuttle service from millbrae bart and cal train station. >> 100,000 people skekted to attend this party which runs friday through sunday. >> and take a look at whaun our viewers found in the wall of their home undergoing a project. >> great picture of getting on the new bay bridge at the time. these pictures from san francisco chronicle in november, 1937. the bay bridge just one year old. >> if you have pictures of the bridge please send them to us. e mail them. >> in just minutes contra costa county officials will begin testing a new community warning system a m after the old system sent out warning texts just meant for parts of alamo. residents who live near
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refineries can expect to receive calls between 5:30 and 8:00 tonight. some people will get call back asking them to take part in the survey about how well the new system works. >> so, are you getting know stallic for the bay bridge already are? well, coming up next there is a way to wear it on the sleeve. >> you can find out how
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coming up at 6:00 the
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countdown to the closure of the bay bridge and a marriage of inconvenience. work taking to pull off a wedding on treasure island this weekend. >> oh, my. residents of california toxic hot spots rally for environmental justice and a plan to make neighborhoods healthier. >> we'll have those stories and more coming up at 6:00. >> right now who knew new bay bridge could have impact on fashion? huh? >> take a look. the store in oakland selling this tee shirt featuring the section that will become history by tuesday morning. going get torn down. making this tee shirt officially vintage. >> the store works as an oakland artist to come up with the design. >> and those that want to get in on the fashion trend the store has shirts featuring new eastern span. and i have seen oaklandish kiosk at the oakland airport, too. >> trog see how fast they're selling. >> yes. >> that is going to do it for
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us. world news is coming up next. >> from all of us here this is "world news." tonight the dream lives on. >> i have a dream. >> 50 years after a day that challenged the nation toward freedom and justice, the powerful and the faithful return. danger zone, breaking news, the president increases the pressure on syria. thousands of syrians flee the country in fear of an american strike. and in israel children try on gas masks. martha raddatz is there. tonight the yo-yo sale. our brian ross fighting to keep you from paying more money on a car you just bought. >> you sold her a car and now you want her to pay more for it. >> no. good evening. as we come on the air tonight we have break


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